Body Solid Hexagon Rig Pro 99" Height

Body Solid



This is for the BASE RIG 99" with No Attachments (as seen in 1st pic)


The Body-Solid Hexagon Rig System is perfect for anyone looking to get into the most current exercise trends.

With over 20 attachments available the SR-HEX Rig Base Frame allows you to customize the ideal workout system to fit any style or class.

At 99" tall, the Hexagon is designed to fit in homes, basements, garages or facilities with height restrictions.

SR-HEXPRO Pro Hexagon Rig (With No Attachments)
SR-HEXPROEXT Pro Hexagon Expansion Rig  

Pick any of the following optional Attachments in additional listings:
SR-BAR Monkey Bars  $450
SR-BHV Bar Holder (Vertical)  $65
SR-BP Band Pegs (2) $230
SR-BT Ball Throw  $150
SR-DIP Dip Station  $175
SR-DPU Double Pull Up  $230
SR-FPU Flying Pull Up  $280
SR-HBH Heavy Bag Hanger  $85
SR-KB Kettlebell Tray $120
SR-LO Lift Off J Hooks (2)  $85
SR-MB Medicine Ball Tray $100
SR-MGC Multi-Grip Chin Up (2)$170
SR-REB Ball Rebounder  $480
SR-SBH Stability Ball Holder  $120
SR-SC Safety Catchs (2)  $150
SR-SPU Single Pull Up $95
SR-STEP Plyo Step $220
SR-SUSP Suspension Rings $400
SR-TBR T-Bar Row $100
SR-UL U-Link  $65
SR-WPH Weight Plate Horns  $75
SR-WPS Weight Plate Storage (Horizontal)  $165

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