Olympic Bars / Power Bars

Mens Bars - 20 KG or 44 LB ////  Womens or Ladies Bars - 15 KG or 33 LB //// Lightweight Aluminum Bar - 15 lb /////  Bushing Bars  - Bushings are pressed in the Collar Ends to reduce friction. //// Bearing Bars - Needle Bearings or Ball Bearings are used to create Superior Spin. ///// Stainless Steel Bars - No coatings needed on Bar - Superior Alloy of Steel - Corrosion resistance -  heat resistance - Hygiene friendly -  Aesthetically Pleasing - Strength-to-weight advantage - Long term value //// Black Oxide Bar - Process of apply oxides to reduce corrosion - The process turns the bar black. Very close to a raw bar feel with a little protection from corrosion. //// Hard Chrome Bars -  Nice coating finish that adds durability and reliability to the bar and offers an excellent working life.

Any bar no matter its ratings will bend if misused or dropped onto an object.

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