Lite Commercial Decline Olympic Bench Yukon COM-CDP




Lite Commercial Decline Olympic Bench Yukon COM-CDP

Product Dimensions:  51"H x 48"W x 81"L 

Yukon's Decline Olympic Bench is a must have for those serious about developing their pectoral muscles. This commercial decline bench targets both your major and minor peck muscles from a subzero degree angle. Giving you the ability to define your lower peck area for a rounder more firm chest. Features 4 bar racks at different heights to accommodate users with different reach lengths. Comes with pre-drilled bolt holes allowing you to bolt this bench to the floor to minimize movement. The custom cushioned bench pad allows you to have a comfortable and productive work out.


  • Multiple Racking Positions
  • Commercial Padding
  • Handle on Leg Lock for convenient in-and-out
  • Optional spotter stand
  • Can be bolted to the floor
  • Shipping Weight: 175.00 pounds
  • Will ship out Fedex Ground
  • Quick to ship out


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