PRE-ORDER 300lb OLYMPIC Plate Set w/ 7ft bar - Troy (PICKUP)

Troy / VTX / USA Sports




Includes 2 of each: 45,35,25,10,5,5, 2.5s & 7ft Olympic bar with Spring Clips

Plate Description: These high-grade machined plates with rich baked black enamel paint are made from ASTM Grade 20 cast iron and are designed to fit on all 2” bars and shafts. The deep dish rim design allows the user to handle the plates easily. These Olympic plates are machined on rims and center to maintain a 2% accuracy level, plus or minus..

Bar Description: This 7’ chrome Olympic bar is the one we include in all our weight sets and is a staple of retail dealers nationwide. A larger 31mm stress-proof steel bar shaft makes it stronger than most other bars in its class and a great addition to any home workout. Estimated max weight capacity of 600lbs.

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