Lite Commercial Utility Bench Yukon COM-CUB




Commercial Utility Bench Yukon COM-CUB

Product Dimensions:  17-1/2"H x 27"W x 52"L 

Dumbbells not included

Yukon's all-purpose commercial utility workout bench for sale is a great purchase for your home gym or by itself. This Commercial Utility Bench can be used on its own for a wide variety of exercises. Work your chest, back, abs or use it in conjunction with another piece of equipment offered by Yukon-Fitness. Achieving your fitness goals, starts with this bench, a staple for any gym. This commercial workout bench is sturdy and built to last! Features a moisture resistant vinyl covering to protect the bench from the side effects of an intense workout!


  • Moisture resistant vinyl cover
  • Sturdy tripod base
  • Easy to move
  • Will ship out Ground Fedex
  • Quick to ship out


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