YORK® Functional Cable Crossover (Angled) with Multi-Station options




(Consisting of  Functional Cable Crossover (Angled)  and up to 3 options on each end)

A Multi-Station consists of a cable crossover and options at either or both ends of the cable crossover.

YORK® Angled Cable Crossover: Depth 32 3/4” x Width 104 1/4” x Height 92” #54017 (White) / #55017 (Silver)

Add any combination of the following options (up to 3 total)

(for use only with the Multi-Station)

YORK® Low Row (300 pound stack)
YORK® Lat Pulldown (300 pound stack)

YORK® Triceps Station (200 pound stack)

YORK® Connector Kits

Example: 2 way connector is needed for a 1 piece multi-station to connect to either end of crossover. 
Description Item #
#54124 (Black) 2-way adjacent connector kit
#54123 (Black) 3-way connector kit
#54122 (Black) 4-way connector kit

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