FDF Pacific Challenge AR Water Rower

First Degree Fitness


FDF Pacific Challenge AR Water Rower  Item # FDF-PAC-CAR Practice perfect - connecting fun, passion and the workout experience. Bring the feel of real on-water rowing indoors. Tank - “Adjustable fluid resistance: adjusting from MIN to MAX delivers a broad range of resistance, suitable for any fitness level, at the turn of a dial.” - “No dead spots. Unique triple bladed impeller and baffled tank internals deliver instant catch and consistent resistance throughout the whole stroke.” - “Improved pulley system greatly increases the range of resistance with no dead spots, whilst retaining constant tension and recoil action.” - “Fluid Resistance Technology – No dead spots. Triple bladed impeller system offers instant catch. The pull is strong and consistent through the complete stroke using water – nature’s perfect resistance.” Monitor - “Multilevel Computer complete with USB port displays: Time, distance, 500M split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts and heart rate.” Footboard - “Height Adjustable footplates and straps to ensure optimal foot placement and comfortable rowing position.” Seat - “Super comfortable seat running on precision bearings and Delrin® low friction seat rollers along a concealed track for cleaner, smoother and safer operation.” Handle - Durable belt drive – smooth, clean, quiet and again maintenance free. - Ergonomic handle: designed to prevent strain on arms, wrists and hands. Frame - “Highest quality anodized aluminum seat rail for smoothness, appearance, strength and durability.” - “Built-in transit wheels. Light and easy to move around. Stores in just 53 x 51cm (21x 20″”)” - Solid construction makes this perfect for home gym applications. Simple assembly and virtually maintenance free. Will ship out UPS 3 to 6 business days

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