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Comment from Jack: I love this sauna, I usually stay in for 30 minutes and feel healthy results, I recently tried a total of 50 minutes at 150 degrees and the effects were intensified, Pretty amazing My energy increased for the remainder of the day and I felt alert and very excited to feel like I was 20 years younger. Note: I worked my way up to that time and would recommend only going in for 30 minutes until you acclimate to it.  Proper Hydration is important.

(Madison) Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna 1-2 Person  $2150.00  

Requires Assembly - comes in 3 boxes - Delivery and assembly available for fee

Infrared rays penetrate more deeply into the body, which means you start sweating at a lower temperature than in a traditional sauna. That produces a lighter demand on the cardiovascular system, similar to moderate walking, according to the review, and so might benefit people who are sedentary for medical reasons.

Some of the benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy; assist the body to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. 

Using a Personal Infrared Sauna can help strengthen the body’s immune system by stimulating increased production of white blood cells. Sitting in a far infrared sauna in the early stages of a cold or flu has been known to stop the disease before symptoms occur. Raising the core body temperature through the use of the infrared sauna can powerfully assist the body to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. This is the basis of fever therapy (also known as hypothermia) for infections. Many people have a low body temperature and, for this reason, cannot get rid of chronic infections. Common sites of infections are the sinuses, ears, eyes, bladder, throat and intestines. This can also help as a preventative measure if you have frequent saunas by not giving the virus a chance to replicate. The sauna heats up your body and increases your heart rate. This relaxes the cells in the muscle and expands the walls of the blood vessels increasing blood flow and oxygenation, which helps stimulate white cell production including lymphocytes all working to fight off a virus.

It is important to note; both a cold and flu are caused by viruses. However, a cold can typically be relieved with over the counter medication, drinking a lot of fluids and rest. On the other hand, the flu virus has to be diagnosed by a doctor and you will likely be prescribed an antiviral medication.

Pro 6 Low EMF FAR Infrared Saunas are constructed with the environment in mind, which accounts for our efforts in using Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood. Our sauna walls are double paneled constructed with the thickest interior and exterior wood planks compared to others in the same industry. The walls planks on Pro 6 Saunas measure more than 6mm on each side while our competitor’s average 3.5mm or less. The inner frames on Pro 6 Saunas measure more than .85 inches in thickness versus less than .45 inches for other manufacturers. This all translates to a quality sauna that retains heat more efficiently, heats up faster and consumes less energy.

Pro 6, 1-2 Person sauna model offers 6 Low EMF FAR infrared Carbon Energy Efficient heating panels (including an industry leading foot heater) that produce a wider, softer heat that is evenly distributed throughout the sauna. Our Low EMF FAR infrared Carbon Energy Efficient heating panel heaters are 30% larger than saunas heated by ceramic tubes and penetrate skin 40% more to maximize therapeutic benefits. Unlike ceramic heaters, you will never have to replace our Carbon Energy Efficient heating panels. Pro 6 Low EMF FAR infrared Saunas Carbon Energy Efficient panels also heats up 30% faster than saunas equipped with ceramic panels and 100% faster than rock and water steam saunas.

Unlike traditional rock and water saunas (which heat at or over 200 degrees and do not penetrate your skin), Pro 6 Saunas operate at a much lower and safer 130 Fahrenheit. In fact, Pro 6 Saunas operate most effectively at 120 Fahrenheit thus allowing you to enjoy the sauna longer and maximize all potential health benefits.

Pro 6 Low EMF FAR Infrared 1-2 person sauna is designed for ease of use and is an outstanding value. Assembly is a snap and takes less than 1 hour or 2 depending on model. Enjoy the convenience of operating a Pro 6 Saunas with our dual (interior and exterior) soft touch control panel and LED display featuring sauna temperature and time functions. Play your favorite music through the saunas built in FM CD Radio with Bluetooth and MP3 auxiliary connection with built in speakers.   The sauna plugs into any dedicated 15 amp 110 volt outlet so no special wiring is required and the sauna may be installed on carpet and at any indoor location including the basement, garage, master bath or walk in closet.

Pro 6 saunas would be a beautiful and worthwhile addition to any fitness room and could be incorporated as a part of your fitness routine. See and feel the difference today!

Features: Madison Sauna

  • 1-2 Person capacity
  • Exterior dimensions (WDH): 41″ x 36″ x 77″ (roof overhang: add 2″)
  • Interior dimensions (WDH): 36″ x 32″ x 69″
  • FM CD Player with Bluetooth and MP3 auxiliary connection
  • 2 Built in speaks
  • Interior and exterior LED control panel
  • Natural hemlock wood construction
  • Electrical service: 120V/15amp
  • Clasp together assembly
  • 6 Carbon Low EMF FAR Infrared heating elements
  • Bronze Privacy Tempered glass and glass door
  • Interior reading/chromotherapy lighting system
  • Roof vent
  • Sauna weight: 250 lbs.


    What Is A FAR Infrared Sauna and What Can A FAR Infrared Sauna Do For You?

    • An infrared sauna makes the same rays that come from the sun and filters out the UV radiation.
    • The high temperatures help to lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation.
    • Infrared saunas raise your metabolism and help you to burn calories as you sweat. You can

    burn up to 700 calories without lifting a finger!

    • When you sweat, you’re sweating out toxins and heavy metals through the skin.

    FAR Infrared Saunas Help With:

    Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Detoxification, Hypertension, Insomnia, Weight Loss Depression, Lowers Cholesterol, Lowers Blood Pressure, Enhances Skin Tone, Removes Cellulite, Relaxes Muscles, Reduces Muscle Spasms, Increases Blood Circulation, Helps The Immune System, Promotes Healing, etc.

    On average, it takes our model saunas approximately:  smaller units like the Amanda & Madison heat up quicker

    *15-20 minutes to reach into 100 degrees Fahrenheit
    *25-30 minutes to reach about 115-120 degrees
    *35-40 minutes to reach about 125-130 degrees
    *45-50 minutes to reach about 135-140 degrees

    Please note the saunas require a 70 degrees and above environment in order for them to heat up in these estimated times

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