CT400 Non Motorized Curve Treadmill (Free Shipping)

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Manufacturer: Solid Body

The simple design of this unique, non-motorized treadmill is also what makes it one of the most effective devices for speed and interval training. Unlike standard electric treadmills, This unit features an innovative curved deck that is completely controlled by the movements and force of the athlete using it. There are no on/off switches or complex buttons and settings to worry about. It's a manually operated treadmill that helps train and promotes technically-sound running posture, balance, and cadence.

This treadmill is designed for HIIT Training, Interval Training, Sprints, Short Distances and Walking. This treadmill is not designed for long distance running as the flexible slats increases the intensity of the workout tremendously.

 -Ultra-Thin Flexible Slats Offer Maximum Absorption, which makes the CT400 Treadmill Light Weight and Promotes Less Stress on Joints and More Activation of Muscles Resulting in Higher Intensity Workouts

-The CT400 Self-Generated Curved Treadmill Requires NO ROUTINE MAINTENANCE

-The CT400 Manual Magnetic Resistance Offers 3 Levels: Low-Medium-High

Benefits of a Non Motorized Treadmill

  • Muscle-powered: You provide all of the motive power and exercise your lower body. It is likely that you will expend more calories per mile. You control the speed by putting in more effort rather than trying to keep up with a moving belt. On a curved-belt treadmill, you speed up by placing your feet further forward and slow down by striking closer to the center of the belt.
  • No electricity needed: You can use a manual treadmill anywhere and aren't dependent on placing the treadmill near an electrical outlet.
  • Safety: A non-motorized treadmill stops when you stop; you don't have to wear a safety cord to stop it if you slip and fall as you should with a motorized treadmill. This also makes it a little safer around children and pets. Handrails assist in keeping balance, stability and stopping immediately
  • High-intensity interval workouts: Athletic trainers use curved-belt manual treadmills as part of workouts that alternate high and moderate intensity. Many professional sports teams use these models for training, doing sprint intervals on the curved-belt treadmill.
  • High-speed nylon bearings for smooth and quiet operation
  • Steel frame and handrails
  • Net Weight: 145#
  • Great for walking, running, or sports training
  • Great for sport-specific training for athletes and serious exercisers
  • Super durable, Ultra-thin slats (running track) rated for 150,000 miles and tested up to 450#. The flexible slats offer maximum shock absorption

Treadmill Features:

  • Manual magnetic resistance: Low/Medium/High
  • Front digital display shows distance, speed, time, and calories
  • Set time and distance goals
  • Specifically designed for high-intensity interval training
  • Running Area: 18” X 60”
  • Built-in transport wheels and handle for easy transport
  • Adjustable leveling feet for perfect stability
  • No electricity required, can be used anywhere!
  • Patented Innovation Slats are rated for 150,000 miles
  • Optional function: Smart Design, compatible with Smart Phone, easy to operate Bluetooth

***Residential Warranty***:

Frame: 10 years Frame (excludes handlebars)
Parts: 7 years (includes handlebars)
Console: 2 years console
Labor: 1 year
***Commercial Warranty***:
Frame: 10 years (excludes handlebars)
Parts: 5 years (includes handlebars)
Console: 2 years
Labor 1 year