Pair of Proloc Collars



Pair of Collars.  These collars are a new and innovative way for weight lifters to secure weights to Olympic bars. Proloc collars can also be used to hold chains up to 400 lbs combined weight. The patented (pending) design allows a strong “lock” for attached equipment, and also assures the weights remain secure during any workout.

There are many advantages to using Proloc collars including easy on and off knobs that accommodate all users. They are also universal and can attach to various size bars (including swiss bar, econo farmers walk, logs, rackable cambered bar, safety squat yoke bars and solid fat bars). Proloc collars are made of durable nylon plastic to withstand the abuse of everyday wear and tear in the gym. Over time Proloc collars will prove themselves to be cost effective as they outlast conventional spring and other collar designs. 

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