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PowerTec Arm Curl

Powertec Leverage Arm Curl Machine

You will find more features on this machine then you will on the typical arm curl found in the gym. Independent arm action access, spring load and lock seat adjustment. Some trainers don't like the fixed angle of the traditional arm curl machine so POWERTEC built an adjustable arm pad hitting many different angles right up to a flat position.

The lever arms allow the user to fully focus on the movement from top to bottom without the sloppiness of a barbell or dumbbell. The lever arm accomplishes the natural feel because, as in most leverage machines, the weight plates are loaded directly onto the lever arm. The feel of free weight with the control of a machine makes for the perfect combination.

Dimensions: 36" L x 52" W x 38"H
Weight: 144 lbs.
Weight load capacity: (250 lbs per arm)

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