Training Strength Bands - Layered




6 Foot Agility Sprinting Resistance Band 80" 100 lb 1 3/4" , Color Green. 

10 Foot Agility Sprinting Resistance Band 120" 150 lb 2" Color Charcoal

Larger bands good for resisted sprinting, running and shuffling drills

Strength Resistance Band 41" 35 lb 1/2" Color Red

Strength Resistance Band 41" 60 lb 3/4" Color Black

Strength Resistance Band 41" 80 lb 1 1/8" Color Purple

Strength Resistance Band 41" 125 lb 1 3/4"  Color Green

Strength Resistance Band 41" 175 lb 2 1/2" Color Blue

41" Resistance Bands good for Cross Training and Power-Lifting.

Bands make a great workout while on vacation – easy to pack and can do a variety of exercises, curls, tricep extensions, chest presses, military presses, rows, and whatever you can come up with.
Assist for pull ups, dips and muscle ups, add resistance to bench press, squats, deadlifts, pushups etc.

These bands are multi-layers one continuous loop, not a molded version like some of the cheaper bands that snap without warning.

If used properly they can last a long time.

The larger the width the larger the strength resistance. Thus higher assistance it gives for pull ups, bar muscle ups and dips and more resistance for benching squats & deadlifts.

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