USA Timer Pro Double Sided Fitness Gym Timer

USA Timer


Double-Sided Pro Edition Wall Timer! Have a gym or area that is too large to have a timer on one side? Our new double-sided timer allows for a more convenient, central location so athletes on either side can easily read and hear it. 
Because Every Second Counts!
Introducing the USA Timer Pro Edition. The last timer you will ever need. With the help of experts in CrossFit®, MMA, and Personal Training. We have developed timers that will meet all your needs. The Pro Edition allows user to not only access popular fitness interval timers, but also easily program their own intervals.

- Sleek frame not only looks great but also provides a secure rugged housing
- Highly visible solid LED digits on BOTH sides of the timer
- Audible beep to begin and end cycles
- Wireless 2.0 Edition Remote
- AC power supply
- Wall mount bracket
- Optional Tripod

Time (12/24h)
Count Up
Count Down
Stop Watch
Custom Intervals - Easily set time to work, rest, and number of cycles
All functions begin with 10 second count down.

Pre programmed timers:
MMA1 5 x 5 minute rounds with 1 min rest between rounds
MMA2 3 x 5 minute rounds with 1 min rest between rounds
TABATA 20 seconds work and 10 second rest for 8 cycles
FGB 3 rounds of 5 x 1 min work and then 1 min rest

1 year limited warranty

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